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Automatic Elliott Waves Indicator

The best Elliott waves indicator you will ever see ! !!

Elliott waves have always been and probably always will be one of the most important tools for technical analysis!

when I saw for myself the potential of this amazing tool I decided to program this software!

The software has many functions and the two main ones are the –fully automatic waves–  and the  –semi-automatic waves-.

If the software is in fully automatic mode it will automatically place the waves based on the fractals of the time frame you selected.

if on the semi-auto mode you will be able to place the waves by yourself wherever you want on the chart and the software will still help you place them according to the wave's basic rules.

There are more amazing features to the software such as:

Automatic money management with an automatic risk-reward ratio.

Multi-time frame Multi-currency waves display with an alarm. You can also change the chart time frame and currency directly from the panel.

Mini charts with Candles, MAs, Fractals, ATR, Envelopes, PSAR, Bollinger bands.

Mini charts oscillators with multi-time frames divergence and signaling and four optional oscillators to choose from. Stochastic, RSI, MACD, or AO.

Automatic correlations strength. the new feature I added recently. shown only in the first image below.

Trading levels which you can divide by pips, by regular division, or by percentages, and create Fibonacci levels.

Internal levels for each one of the main Trading levels.

Average price movement which is a feature never seen before

the indicator calculates the pips between fractals high to fractals low

of up to 1000 candles back in the waves time frame and gives you the average of 

price movement so when the fractal appears it’s easier to predict how much the price will move

the indicator also has the option to calculate the trading levels position by average price movement.

mt4 alarm, email alarm, smartphone text alarm 

and much more …… 


Throughout my 6 years of trading experience. I have seen a lot of sellers & traders come and go,
Based on the past 2 years with ss7 trader
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SS7 Trader is Such an amazing indicators & Robot Provider, Their Robot were able to grow my funds frequently. I highly recommend this SS7 Trader.

I'm a newbie when it comes to trading and I appreciate how SS7 Traders expert helps me learning about Binary trading. Because of their help now I can understand much more about trading.

I bought all Nexus Series indicators from ss7 trader, Every update increases the accuracy of the Nexus indicator, Right now I'm using Nexus 6.1 and it's the best one as I experienced in the Nexus series.

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