About SS7 Trader

Hello, Trader, 's

I Am SS7 TRADER, I'm based in Pakistan, I've been in Binary Trading For the last 7 Years. I start learning Trading at age of 17, When Most of you guys are trying to clear your College Degree I was busy with both.  At the starting of my Trading journey, I've lost my all saving in those I saved for Higher Education.

Then I realize Trading is not a game where you just see the zigzag lines and put the hand of your heart and open a Trade in any direction which you like, Those are childish acts I really learned from them.

Then I started my actual trading journey when I lost everything. I watched hours of videos from youtube made by many other traders, Those are helpful but really not. I read many books that wrote on stocks or Trading. My Favorite one was "The Disciplined Trader" by Mark Douglas.

After reading this book I realize 99% of traders lost their investment cause lack of discipline I saw that in myself by the time I made my own Rules for Trading and learned what I could learn from Google and hopefully I recovered my all lost after one and a half year later.

After getting my all lost back with huge profits. My friends really Inspired form my journey they asked me to help them to learn about Trading. I did what I could for them but that doesn't mean that those are also successful as I am in Trading.

Later I started my Company own Company named "SS7 Trader" with some close friends who were always in the back to push my luck.  The Name SS7 was suggested by my one friend who was working on a cyber attack name SS7 Attack we like that Name so we Pick it.

It's been more than 4 years Since we started our Company. In those years we handled more than 3000 clients in which round about 1500 clients bought our different Indicators from us, Roundabout 1000 clients used our VIP signals and more than 500 clients learned Trading from our Experts or bought Robots from us.

Now we have started our website and you guys easily get trading services and tools that help to improve your trading.

We Hope You Enjoy Our Products As Much As We Enjoy Offering Them To You. If You Have Any Questions Or Comments, Please Don't Hesitate To Contact Us.